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SpringStar’s Mosquito Trap-N-Kill™ targets container-breeding species of mosquitoes that can carry diseases such as dengue, chikungunya, west Nile virus, and yellow fever.


Trap-N-Kill™ is an economical, extremely simple, and effective method for controlling Aedes and Culex mosquito species..   The method consists of a cup system with an overflow hole, and a strip treated with a very small amount of a pesticide material.  The pesticide chosen has extremely high activity against target mosquitoes. 

Trap-N-Kill now available!

Within the trap is a landing strip of velour paper and a pesticide-treated strip. The trap also contains water, which the female mosquitoes seek as a requirement for their eggs. The velour paper provides the mosquitoes with a preferred texture, on which they'll land to lay their eggs, staying in the trap long enough to receive a lethal dose from the pesticide. Because the pesticide doesn't kill them instantly, they may fly out of the trap and will die nearby.

Our article now in
The Spring 2016 issue of Wing Beats


A webinar created by Springstar's research and development department
delivered to residents of Hawaii in response to the Dengue outbreak.

We have provided the webinar in a PDF format below.
If you choose to use our webinar as a reference please inform us and properly attribute under CC-BY.
Dengue webinar PDF

Recently, the NIH asked us to put together a short video for Mosquito Week
about how we're using Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR)
funding to help control Aedes mosquitoes. Here's the result!

On 4/13/2016, SpringStar convened a panel of experts to speak at a "flash webinar" about tools
available for managing the mosquitoes that spread the Zika virus. The result was
a discussion of current and next-generation mosquito control technologies.

TNK_in_action TNK_in_action

Directions for how to set up the TNK.


Proven Effective Against
Vectors of Dengue

Simple to Operate
Limited Risk to Users

“The reasons for the dramatic global emergence of DF/DHF as a major public health problem are complex and not well understood. However, several important factors can be identified.
1. First, major global demographic changes have occurred...
2. In most countries the public health infrastructure has deteriorated...
3. Increased travel by airplane provides the ideal mechanism for infected human transport of dengue viruses ...
4. Lastly, effective mosquito control is virtually nonexistent in most dengue-endemic countries. Considerable emphasis in the past has been placed on ultra-low-volume insecticide space sprays for adult mosquito control, a relatively ineffective approach for controlling Aedes aegypti [1]”.

US EPA Reg. No. 8730-50-66433. Patented in the US and other other Countries.

*The fine print: The Trap-N-Kill™ is subject to EPA pesticide rules which require us to make specific disclaimers: (a) when we say "better" pest control, it does not imply better efficacy than other products, but better for the environment, (b) when we say "uses 90% less pesticide", we mean 90% less than another product currently used for aerial spraying, (c) US Military references indicate the origin of the science - this is not a "militarized" version and we are not suggesting improved efficacy claims because the military invented the product. The product is not endorsed by the US military nor any US military branch that assisted in development, nor is it endorsed by other government agencies involved in supporting and testing the product, such as the Washington Global Health Alliance or the Florida Keys Mosquito Control District.

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